Guttenberg Season

Episode 44: "Who's that guy?"

* What we've been watching.

- The Ninth Gate; Archer; Extant: The Leftovers

- Better Call Saul; The Walking Dead; 11:22:63


* Terrible Movie Challenge continues with Travis watching Pluto Nash. The bet this week is from the world of MMA: Royce Gracie vs Ken Shamrock. George chose Ken (former WWE wrestler) Shamrock. Because of a low blow, George has to watch Invasion USA with Chuck Norris


* The Guttenberg Season concludes with Diner (1982). A tour de force of (then) upcoming actors. The new season will be a People of Politics/Elections. Our first movie is the wonderful, Wag the Dog.y


* This week's Topic of Discussion is on the subject of Piracy. 


Advanced planning!

Hey guys,

We are fast approaching the end of our Steve Guttenberg Season. What we want to know is...

"What shall our next season be?"

The problem is choice. 

The problem is choice. 

We have a few options Travis and I have been throwing around, but we want to get your thoughts. 

Our next season could be David Lynch, Tom Hanks comedies, best actor/actress winner roles, movies with 'age' in the title. If it's inspiring/interesting then let us know!

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Episode 43: It smells like Old People in here

Welcome to the notes for G&T Podcast Episode 43.

What we've been watching:
George: Archer; Leap Year; Penny Dreadful; Just Cause 3 (still)
Travis: Trumbo; Our Man In Tehran; Billions (TV show)
Both: Deadpool - our (controversial) thoughts.
Brief mentions of Argo; Haywire; Antman; Bob's Burger's; The X-Men franchise

(00:00:00 - 00:52:29)

Terrible Movie Challenge: Travis' review of Hannah Montana. 
We also introduce our new Success equaliser: Paulie Shore! Connect Shore! Travis must now watch Pluto Nash!
(00:52:30 - 01:05:45)

Guttenberb Season: Cocoon
We are going to watch Diner by Barry Levinson earning a rating of 7.2 on IMDb.
(01:05:46 - 01:26:08)

Topic of Discussion: Reboots; Sequels; Spins-offs etc...
(01:26:09 - 02:07:59)

Episode 42: Two Men and a Podcast

• What we've been watching

Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl; Daredevil; Seven Deadly Sins; Agent Carter season 2; Legends of Tomorrow; Room; Hateful Eight.


• The Terrible Movie Challenge continues with Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas. 

This weeks bet is on The Groundhog. Travis must watch Hannah Montana: The Movie.


• Three Men and a Baby is the next stop in our Steve Guttenberg season. 


• Then we discuss what it would likely take to creat a successful movie based on a computer game as well as some of our hopes for future adaptations:


Episode 41: A Short (Bad) Circuit

• Our viewing habits.

X-Files: Re:Opened; The Voices.

(00:00:00 - 00:26:59)

• George's review of Atlas Shrugged: Part One as well as the new challenge. Saving Christmas is George's new Terrible Movie.

(00:27:00 - 00:52:40)

• We wander into the deadly theme of religious movies and TV. Noah, God's Not Dead, Passion of The Christ.

(00:52:41 - 00:59:04)

• Guttenberg Season continues with Short Circuit. Travis then challenges George to fan-fic the shit out of a sequel for Short Circuit!

(00:59:05 - 01:22:00)

Episode 39: The Podcast Menaces Return

After a longer-than-expected hiatus, (thanks Life for throwing lots of random s**t our way!) we are back and dedicated to delivering regular podcasts with increased levels of quality all round.

Topics of discussion include...

•  Remembering those we have lost far too early. (00:00:00 - 00:15:59)

David Bowie always brought the magic. 

David Bowie always brought the magic. 

Alan Rickman will be missed.

Alan Rickman will be missed.

 • Richard Dawson asked us what we thought would happen in Frozen 2 and The Incredibles 2. (00:16:00 - 00:19:00)

 • Trailer-talk: Star Trek Beyond (00:19:01 - 00:25:30) then 10 Cloverfield Lane (00:25:31 - 00:29:02) and finally Batman vs Superman (00:29:03 - 00:34:50). Finally, finally Deadpool (00:34:51 - 00:36:08).

 • Broadly discussing some of the TV, Movies and games we've consumed. (00:36:08 - 01:05:22)

• Travis reviews his Terrible Movie Challenge, The Pink Panther with Steve Martin. (01:05:23 - 01:16:23) 

• Our thoughts on Hayeo Miyazaki's final film, The Wind Rises (01:16:24 - 01:32:51)  

Miyazaki's work will be missed if he truly has retired from feature length movies. 

Miyazaki's work will be missed if he truly has retired from feature length movies. 

• Our new season will be on Steve Guttenberg, starting off with Police Academy. (01:32:52 - 01:34:50)

• Belated thoughts on Star Wars: The Force Awakens. SPOILERS INCLUDED (01:34:50 - 02:07:59)

Disney's promise that Star Wars is back to the good stuff. 

Disney's promise that Star Wars is back to the good stuff. 

• Quentin Tarantino's Hateful Eight impressions. SPOILERS INCLUDED. (02:08:00 - 02:39:10)

The latest bloodbath from the modern master of words. 

The latest bloodbath from the modern master of words.