Samples of Fried Brain Productions projects

Altered State

A short comic inspired by the brilliant series, Tharg's Future Shocks from 2000AD.
If you haven't read any of these wonderful short stories then you really have to check them out.
Some of the very best comic book writers have produced work for this series. Writers like Alan Moore and Grant Morrison have created some of the very best sci-fi weirdness.

Altered State was the very first comic written by George Terran. Altered State is the start of an anthology of comics based around the idea that the government are aware of the genesis of meta-humans, sometimes even before the meta-humans themselves.



A stand-along graphic novel that is the first introduction to a Fried Brain Productions regular character, Gabriel Vaugn.

'Vaugn' is a supernatural, revenge story set in a Neo-Futuristic Paris.

Gabriel Vaugn is hot-headed and possibly the craziest Interpol agent in its history. But he is also notoriously good at his job. He and his partner, Clair Bobak, arrive in Paris to investigate a surprising and very public death during a broadcast sermon from Notre Dame.

But in a world on 'garage physicists' delivering unusual technology, sexual and spiritual debauchery, not to mention gluttonous hedonism, Vaugn is a pilgrim in an unholy land. His investigation leads him to the infamous Black Moon Bar, owned and operated by the 'King of Neutrality', Whisky.




After the Son of God (Jonah) is assassinated my a member of his own entourage, England is destroyed in a Biblical attack that basically wipes it off the face of the earth.

There is one survivor. This man is suffering from amnesia and has had his eyes burned out of his skull.
Lucifer finds him stumbling around the remains of London and agrees to help him discover who he really is.
Meanwhile, Gabriel Vaugn is still hunting his prey... Lucifer. And nothing will stand in his way.

Volition follows the interweaving stories of the sole survivor, Lucifer and Vaugn as well as a motley crew of humans, angels and demons.