My creativity started early.
Apparently I was a natural born liar.
My mother will happily tell you tales of me as a child.
When I was about two years old, I emptied the contents of a house plant all over the floor.
My mother walked in, saw me and exclaimed,
"Who did this?!"
I gleefully proclaimed,
"Will' did!"

Never mind that Will' (my brother) was actually at school at the time of the crime.

It was pretty clear early onto that I had a mind for making things up and entertaining people (even if it made absolutely no sense and painted me as a bit of a fool). I'm quite proud of my fool status and it’s got me to wherever the hell I am today.

I survive thanks to some of the very best people I have the good fortune to call friends.
They inspired me to be myself and push forwards. It’s thanks to them I got into the idea of writing.
Thanks to all of you for putting up with the contrarian-geek.

Most likely quote to be carved on my tombstone…
"His timing was wonderfully terrible".