Terrible Movie Challenge

Episode 43: It smells like Old People in here

Welcome to the notes for G&T Podcast Episode 43.

What we've been watching:
George: Archer; Leap Year; Penny Dreadful; Just Cause 3 (still)
Travis: Trumbo; Our Man In Tehran; Billions (TV show)
Both: Deadpool - our (controversial) thoughts.
Brief mentions of Argo; Haywire; Antman; Bob's Burger's; The X-Men franchise

(00:00:00 - 00:52:29)

Terrible Movie Challenge: Travis' review of Hannah Montana. 
We also introduce our new Success equaliser: Paulie Shore! Connect Shore! Travis must now watch Pluto Nash!
(00:52:30 - 01:05:45)

Guttenberb Season: Cocoon
We are going to watch Diner by Barry Levinson earning a rating of 7.2 on IMDb.
(01:05:46 - 01:26:08)

Topic of Discussion: Reboots; Sequels; Spins-offs etc...
(01:26:09 - 02:07:59)

A treat compared to Caffeine

After losing last week's Terrible Movie Challenge, George has to watch Ed.

Considering it is on iTunes, we can assume that it is either:

1) Better than Caffeine

2) Comically worse than Caffeine

3) A programmer at iTunes has an odd sense of humour

The question isn't if it'll be any good, but will it still be better than Spice World or Caffeine?