Amy Jones Update: 23/02/18

Greetings Fried Folk!

As official edit notes for Vaugn have started coming back to me from Brendan, work on Amy Jones is officially on hiatus.

Not only will I be spending my time working through the edit notes, I also have a whole bunch of graphics to design for the forthcoming Kickstarter campaign.

As more details emerge, I will endeavor to keep you up to date.

Update: 12/01/18

Good grief! How are we two weeks into 2018 already!!!???

Anyway, another week and another update for you all on Amy Jones progress...
Another chapter written and I've started work on the next chapter already.

I've found I'm actually writing this book in quite a different manner compared to Vaugn. The Chapters are shorter, but more condensed, focused. It's going to be really interesting to see how this evolves over the edit and re-edit phases.
I like the pacing of these shorter chapters, but I'm wondering if maybe they are too short. I keep re-reading them and seeing little additions I can make to flesh out scenes a little more. But it feels more like set dressing rather than deep content additions. I have no idea if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but I'm still feeling very confident about the book.

Amy Jones Update: 25/11/17

Concept Artwork by Sabrina Pennewiss

Concept Artwork by Sabrina Pennewiss

25th November 2017

As you may be aware, I've officially chosen Amy Jones to be the next novel I'll be getting out the door.

I'm happy to report that work has begun in earnest and I feel I've got the tone of the book right, straight off the bat!
One chapter complete. However many needed to tell the story left to go.

Whilst writing Amy Jones I've found that I'm already implementing a lot of the lessons I learned from 'Vaugn'. It's making the act of writing more enjoyable.
Not that I didn't enjoy writing 'Vaugn' - it was awesome and I'm really proud of that work (coming soon to Kickstarter).

I've always loved the character of Amy Jones and her energy. It's a wonderful pallet cleanser coming off the darker, more somber tone of 'Vaugn'.

Anyway, I'm off.


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