Vaugn Update: 06/11/17

Vaugn Update: 06/11/17

6th November 2017.
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I'm sorry that I've not been keeping everyone updated on the comings and goings of Vaugn. It's been a while since I had anything of real value to update on.

So the update is that the wonderful folks of editing my book have been crazy-busy. They've been working hard and progress is continuing.

There is going to be a bit of a delay on the launch of the Kickstarter campaign.

I am going to work harder at keeping you all updated.

Thanks in advance.

Vaugn Update: 02/03/18

Greetings Fried Folks!

I have completed the re-writes for Chapters 1 to 5. I am super happy with the changes Brendan has advised and the story is better than before.

Damn! I'm already super proud of Vaugn. But after the first round of Brenda edits, I am so much more confident in the quality of the book.

I'd like to take this opportunity to give Brendan a shout-out for his work. He has jumped on board and is providing some awesome, constructive feedback and criticism. He understands the story and seems to understand how to explain everything to me in a way that I can comprehend and take on.
Additionally I would like to shout-out Shawna Gore for setting Brendan and I up.

Thank you both and thank everyone else for your support.

Vaugn Update: 23/02/18

Vaugn Header.jpg

Greeting Fried Folk!

As you may be aware, I received the first round of editor notes for Vaugn earlier this week.
Needless to say, I've been very excited and veraciously working through them. I'm determined to make Vaugn the best it possibly can be.

At this stage, I'm expecting the Kickstarter campaign to launch at the very end of April.
*Accurate date coming in the next few weeks*

A New Year, a New Editor and new information

Well Ladies and Gentlemen,

As you may be aware, Shawna Gore was initially going to perform editing duties for 'Vaugn'. Well she is simply too popular, too good and too busy to be able to continue in that role. She has however been an absolute joy and support for the last God-knows-how-long. She even went so far as to look for a suitable alternative (because there's no replacing Shawna) and make the all-important introductions.

I can finally confirm that the Eisner Award nominated editor Brendan Wright has officially agreed to be the editor for Vaugn!
Not only that, but he's given me the loose date of February 2018 for the completion of is edit.

What does that mean for all you fine folk?
It means the release of 'Vaugn' on Kickstarter should be (as long as things don't go too far wrong) towards the end of March 2018!

Naturally, I will keep you posted as more information becomes available.
Once again, I want to thank Shawna for all her support and assistance.

Thank you for your continued support.
I am doing the very best I can to not disappoint.