...And we're back!!!

After one hell of a tremulous period, I am now able to more honestly send blogs and updates to my work!!!

I think that moving to Australia, having to find an full-time job and moving house all within the space of a month and a half is a pretty good excuse... no? Well tough! That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it!

Now then, the current status of Man of God is that Judit Tondora and Roland Pilcz are on board for creating the artwork and colouring for a sample, five-page run of the first issue for Proposal purposes.
We've discussed where each of us sees the style artistically and we've got some great ideas going around. Judit and Roland are now working on making them real!

Meanwhile, I am getting back to writing the script for the series as well as the 'off-shoot' stories. I'm also going back to 'Chimera' and re-writing/adding to a good amount of the story so that it fits even better to the 'Man of God' stories!

As always, I will be keeping you posted on the developments as they come.

Also, I am working on a proper web site for Fried Brain Productions which I hope to get online (at least in a basic form) within the next month.

Until then, stay creative!!!