A Tale of Two Sisters

What is, "A Tale of Two Sisters" I hear you ask, and what does it have to do with "Man of God"?

Well this is a non-essential, but highly entertaining and innovative sub-story for the "Man of God" serial.
It is a story that brings focus onto two of the supporting characters from the serial and deepens the entire mythology of "Man of God".

This is in fact the first of an entire series of sub-stories that will be written for the "Man of God" serial as special when the serial is officially released.
These specials will delve into the pasts, missed presents, and futures of some of the supporting characters. They are designed to be essentially self-contained stories that anyone can simply pick up and read from start to finish and get an enjoyable and entertaining read, but also so that anyone who reads the "Man of God" serial can read and theyy learn more about the supporting characters.

The motto is...

Everyone has a story to tell.