Somethig new!

Hey there guys and girls! Sorry for the extended and tremendously long break between posts - it is officially coming to an end... Now!!

In fact, I am so determined to write this post that it's taken me a good few days to finish I'd as the web link I'm using is via iPod touch and I'm grabbing signal where and whenever I can.

now, on to the meat of the post... I have finally learned how to write a proper comics proposal!!! (it's Christmas miracle!) so be expecting some up-to-date and professional proposals to be uploaded in the coming days and weeks.

In the meantime I would like to introduce to Amy Jones.
She has a problem... she's super clumsy and her city is caught in the iron grip of "J", the notorious super-villain.

Amy Jones us a first-time collaboration between me (that'd be George) and Sabrina Penewiss, a highly talented anime artist. This also marks the first time that I have drifted into the anime waters... the results are pretty interesting...

As I say, a full and professionally written proposal will be put online soon and there will be some artwork for the project too. So for now, hold tight and keep the inventive imagination flowing.