Updated Paperchaser Issue 1 Script

Hi there Fried Brains.

I thought that, since the production of the artwork for Paperchaser Issue one is currently on a hiatus I have decided to review the scripts and re-write them, making them (hopefully) better.

Well, here's the revised first issue and I'm gonna be putting the following issues up on the web as soon as I think they're ready for your perusal and analysis.

PAGE ONE (two panels)



London, August 19th 2037


Panel 1. It is the Isle of Dogs skyline on a stereotypical English summers day. The sun is shining brightly and there are a few beautifully formed white clouds in the sky. The buildings are reflecting the sky, producing very little distortion.


There are three balloons floating up into the sky from the street below.


There is a hollow box drawn around where Cabot Place is; a single line connects the hollow box with Panel 2.



For peace.


Panel 2. It is an extreme close-up of a young black man’s head being blown open by a bullet. There is no time for sound.


PAGE TWO (five panels)


Panel 1. There is a man (Jude – 32 years old) lying on his belly on the rooftop of one of the tall buildings in Cabot Place. He is positioned behind a sniper rifle. There are a few balloons floating up from the street below. A pistol lies on the ground next to Jude.


Panel 2. The panel is almost identical to Panel 1 except it is a little bit more magnified. Jude is still lying on his belly, still in the same position. The only suggestion of time elapsing is that a few more balloon have floated up from the street below. There are screams coming from the street.


Panel 3. Close shot of the back of Jude’s head, the street below can only just be seen because more balloons are floating up. There is clearly some kind of event or parade on motion… or there was… through the balloons can be seen the roof of an ambulance.


Panel 4. A close-up shot of Jude’s face. His right eye is still positioned behind the sight of the sniper rifle but both of his eyes are open. A tear is falling from his left eye.


Panel 5. Reverse view of Panel 1. Jude and the rooftop can barely be seen through the massive amount of balloons.



What have I done?


PAGE THREE (five panels)


Panel 1. Jude sits up on his knees. In the background can be seen the roof access door.


Panel 2. Jude picks up the pistol and cradles it between his hands.


Oh God, what have I done?


Panel 3. Jude places the gun barrel under his chin.


Panel 4. The roof access door suddenly bursts open to reveal three people dressed exactly like Jude. They are all armed. The man in the lead of the trio is called Michael – 30 years old; the man to his left is called Romulus – 18 years old, the woman to Michael’s right is called Alex – 27 years old.





Panel 5. Jude pulls the trigger and blows the top of his head off.






PAGE FOUR (four panels)



London, August 21st 2037


Panel 1. There are eleven people sitting around a large circular table, all of them dressed in black suits. Three of them are from the rooftop. From left to right they are; Ophelia; Alberto; Cloud; Lorna; Michael; Naomi; Romulus; Solomon; Alex; Peter; Viktoria.



Jonah told us what to do if this happened. We don’t have time to wallow in sadness.


Panel 2. Michael stands up.



We have to stick to the plan. Viktoria, Alberto, we’ve got work to do here.


Panel 3. Naomi reaches up and holds Michael’s hand.



Everyone else, you know what to do.


Panel 4. The entire group stand up.



God be with you.
PAGE FIVE: (seven panels)


Panel 1. The group bow their heads.



And also with you.


Panel 2. Viktoria and Ophelia walk up to each other as others politely shake hands with their friends. Alex collapses back into her seat and starts sobbing. Michael and Naomi are watching the group as they say their farewells.



I’m scared.



Me too.


Panel 3. They come together is a loving hug. Peter and Alberto spark up cigars together.



Tell me this isn’t the last time we’re going to see each other, Sis.


Panel 4. There is a moment of silence between the two of them.



I watched him grow up. I was always there for him…



Not your fault. Hate Jude. Focus on what’s got to be done.


Panel 5. Naomi is now kneeling down next to Alex; she’s got her arm around her and is resting her head on Alex’s shoulder.



His calling was greater than we will ever know. So was your love for him.



…We had no time…


Then let’s get the bastards who twisted Jude!


Panel 6. Ophelia breaks away from Viktoria and looks directly into her eyes.



Viktoria, I swear on my immortal soul that we will meet again.



Panel 7. Solomon is now standing next to Michael and they are deep in conversation.


…The Straights and see my Dad. I’m sure he’ll know something and his connections will be an asset.



We’re going to need friends. If he can help then great.


PAGE SIX (seven panels)



Four hours later at Gatwick Airport…


Panel 1. Peter and Lorna are sitting next to each other in a very busy departures lounge. Lorna is reading The Sun newspaper – the front-page show’s Jonah’s body lying in the street with Naomi kneeling next to him. The headline for the paper reads: “The Second Coming Gone…?”.

Peter is looking out of the lounge windows towards the runway looking very bored and anxious.


Panel 2. Peter looks the other direction, still looking bored.


Panel 3. Peter looks at his watch, still looking bored.


Panel 4. Finally there is an announcement.



Ladies and Gentlemen, Flight 833, America Airlines 11pm flight to New York is now boarding at Gate 13. Please make you way to the checking desk now. Thank you.


Panel 5. Peter jumps to his feet. Lorna politely folds up her paper.

Panel 6. Lorna gets up and Peter finishes brushing himself off.



Well good luck, Pete.



You too.


Panel 7. Peter and Lorna hug.



If our luck holds, we’ll meet again when this is done.




PAGE SEVEN (six panels)


Panel 1. A bullet suddenly passes through Peter and Lorna’s heads in an explosion of blood and bone.


Panel 2. Peter and Lorna’s bodies collapse to the floor to reveal Styx standing next to them holding a smoking gun.



Two down, nine to go.


Panel 3. All around Styx, the world seems to have stopped in it’s tracks as everyone is frozen in shock and staring at the murder that’s just taken place.


Panel 4. Styx turns his gun on the large windows and fires.





Panel 5. Before anyone has a chance to react, Styx jumps through the glass and disappears into the darkness.


Panel 6. The shape of a small humanoid dragon flies off into the night.


PAGE EIGHT (five panels)



Euro-Star. Due to arrive in Paris at 11:37pm…


Panel 1. The Euro-Star train is speeding through the French countryside towards Paris.


Panel 2. Naomi is standing in the tunnel connecting two carriages of the train as there are no seats and more people are standing all the way down the aisles.


Panel 3. There is a short, stubby woman standing at the opposite end of the carriage. She’s watching Naomi.



Beep-beep Beep-beep


Panel 4. Naomi pulls out her phone and answers the call.



Michael, I’ll be in Paris in fifteen minutes.



Do you still have your holy water?


Panel 5. Naomi looks confused. Meanwhile, the short, stubby woman starts moving towards her; pushing her way through the crowds.



Holy water? Yeah, why?


PAGE NINE (five panels)


Panel 1. Naomi suddenly spots the short, stubby woman walking towards her.



Peter and Lorna were just killed. They Immortals are after us.


Panel 2. The short, stubby woman’s only four paces away now. She’s trying to push past a very fat Latino man.



That bastard Jude, royally fucked us! They’ll be after you!



They’re already here.


Panel 3. Naomi reaches inside her coat pocket as the short, stubby woman finally gets past the fat Latino.



You and Alex have got to get to Russia. Do whatever it takes.


Panel 4. The short, stubby woman is right in front of Naomi and is in the middle of drawing her gun. Naomi has now pulled her hand out from inside her coat and thrown a glass bottle of holy water at the short, stubby woman.



Do you hear me, Naomi? Whatever it takes!


Panel 5. The bottle shatters as it impacts with the short, stubby woman’s face. The woman’s face melts and starts to cave in on itself.








PAGE TEN (seven panels)


Panel 1. The short, stubby woman starts thrashing about as the holy water eats it’s way through her skull. Everyone on the train is watching in shock and disgust. Naomi has dropped her phone on the floor.








Panel 2. Alex exits the toilet and as she opens the door, she knocks the short, stubby woman over to the train doors.





Panel 3. Naomi shoulder-barges the woman into the door, which accidentally opens, spilling the woman and Naomi out into the night.





Panel 4. Naomi is hanging out of the trail but Alex has managed to grab hold of her trailing hand. The short, stubby woman falls from the train, totally unprotected.



Get back in here!


Panel 5. Alex manages to pull Naomi back inside to safety. The body of the short stubby woman collides with a tree and comes to a painful and deadly stop.


Panel 6. Naomi is lying in a heap on the floor while Alex secures the train door.



Got any other surprises in store?!


Panel 7. Alex turns round and sees two train officials standing right in front of her. Naomi is looking up into their angry faces. The other passengers of the train are all fighting to see what’s happening.



Oh come on!

PAGE ELEVEN (one panel)


CAP 1:

London, August 23rd 2037


Panel 1. It is the London skyline at noon (according to Big Ben). London is as busy as always. A thick grey cloud hangs over-head. Sirens sound all over the city. An obscene amount of aeroplanes are hanging in the skies above the city. Thick grey clouds block the sun out.











CAP 2:

For the last 30 years, Mankind has been at peace. The first 10 years became known as “The Great Religious Surge” – unified, peaceful religious activity centred on a young man, Jonah. Over the last 20 years he became an ambassador for peace and prosperity. But Peace never lasts.

PAGE TWELVE (five panels)


Panel 1. A TV is showing a BBC News 24 report. It is showing a massive crowd running along either side of the street in Canary Wharf; the street is barricaded off.


Panel 2. A young black man (Jonah – 30 years old) with long brown hair and dressed in plain clothes is being led down the street. He has a group of six black-suited guards escorting him.


Panel 3. Jonah’s head is thrown back. Blood is spraying from the back of his head.





Panel 4. A female newsreader with flame-red hair, large hoop earrings and far too much eye shadow on is sitting behind her desk delivering a report. The news screen shows the body of the man, blood still pouring from his head wound.



…Public opinion is split as to whether the stories surrounding Jonah are true or not...


Panel 5. A family (mother, father, young daughter) are sitting silently in front of the TV watching BBC News 24, it is showing the same footage of the dead man in the street -- it is in Canada Square (Canary Wharf). Their home is clearly ex-council and has no sense of personality. It looks just like a page from the "Ikea - Good Homes" catalogue. The mother is jovially plump with short wavy brown hair: she is wearing a beige blouse with denim jeans under a rather dirty apron. The father is heavily over-weight, bald, wearing thick-rimmed glasses, a dirty white vest and suit-trousers being held up by braces. The daughter has wavy blonde hair, a black t-shirt under a three-quarter length tweed skirt and black, baggy jeans; she is lying on the floor transfixed by the news report.



…but his death has affected everyone in one way or another…


PAGE THIRTEEN (four panels)


Panel 1. People are rushing about Piccadilly Circus. There is panic everywhere. There is a single policeman being shoved to and fro. The roads are completely jammed, cars are trying to drive on the pavements but there are too many people. It is chaos. If people are not dragging suitcases and bags behind them, they are looting the shops. Dead cats and dogs lay everywhere, along with abandoned dead newborn babies.



…widespread panic has gripped the nation in the four days since his murder…


Panel 2. A small group of people are parading through the streets preaching passages from The Bible.



...And the seas boiled and the sky fell...


A hairy religious nut dressed in Preacher’s clothes is screaming at people through a megaphone.



The Wrath of God is nigh! The Armageddon is coming! Repent! Salvation lies with The Lord!


Panel 3. Extreme close-up on the RELIGIOUS NUT.



The wicked shall be punished!


Panel 4. A bus is trying to get through the street; it is half on the road and half on the pavement. The bus honks its horn and revs it's engine. From one of the drain covers there is a strange goo oozing up from the sewers onto the street. Frogs and flies swarm around the goo.





PAGE FOURTEEN (four panels)


Panel 1. The bus driver (55 years old and weather-worn) screams at the pedestrians.





Panel 2. The bus driver hits the horn. Chaos can be seen through the bus windshield.





Panel 3. One of the passengers runs up to the driver; she is in her 30's, looking angry, wearing her hair in a bun and a pin-stripe suit.






Why don'cha shut up!


Panel 4. The PASSENGER pulls out her wallet.



I'll give you a grand if you get us to Waterloo now!


PAGE FIFTEEN (one panel)


Panel 1. The bus continues moving.  Pedestrians get knocked out of the way and a woman carrying a baby in her arms gets knocked to the ground. People are screaming and yelling. The strange goo continues to rise to the street.







Panel 1. Thousands of people are queuing up to get into Heathrow Airport. The roads are totally blocked up. People are cutting through the perimeter fence. The Police and Army have set up blockades but they are over-run. Some people have been trampled to death and they are just being squashed into the ground under the crowds.



… Hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing the country, citing that "religious terrorism will strike soon"…


Panel 2. A nearby church is totally packed out. People are desperately trying to get into the grounds, they're on every piece of ground surrounding the church, many of them are praying.



…Others have reportedly taken refuge in religious buildings and grounds…


PAGE EIGHTEEN (one panel)


Panel 1. It is a large church and completely full. There are people standing along the sides and at the back of the church, most of the people have luggage with them. The Reverend is standing in front of the congregation leading them in The Lord's Prayer.



... And lead us not into temptation, and deliver us from evil. For thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, forever and ever, Amen.


PAGE NINETEEN (three panels)


Panel 1. Bob is about 30 years old with short black hair. He looks in good shape and wears a white shirt with black suit trousers. He is packing a bag at his table while the TV is showing the news of the dead man. People are milling around outside BOB'S front window. There is a half-empty bottle and a tumbler of whiskey next to Bob. A black gun lies on the table next to an ID tag. The room is bare and there are packing boxes everywhere.



… While others still are simply trying to go about their business as normal…



Everyone gone crazy! It'll all blow over!



I ain't religious. Don't bovva me none.


Panel 2. BOB spits out a mouthful of blood. The whiskey tumbler is stained with blood.



Elsewhere, the Cold War seems to have begun again on a truly global scale. Trust is at an all-time low and most countries have closed their borders indefinitely. There is even rumour-


Panel 3. The TV is switched off. BOB'S reflection can been seen in the screen.





PAGE TWENTY (six panels)


Panel 1. Bob walks into the kitchen where his wife, Emily is jamming as much food as possible into a “coolbag”.



I failed in my duty.



It’s not your fault! They know who did it!


Panel 2. Bob walks up behind Emily and wraps his arms around her.



I was warned that someone would try to kill Jonah… I didn’t get time to chase it up.


Panel 3. Emily continues packing the food. Bob rests his head on Emily’s shoulder.



LaBouffe’s been strangely silent these last few weeks. She went underground and I’ve lost her trail.


Panel 4. Emily turns round in Bob’s arms.



You’ll find her again.


Panel 5. They kiss.

Panel 6. Emily looks Bob in the eyes.



Call Vaugn. I’m sure he’d be willing to help you out.


TWENTY-ONE (two panels)


Panel 1. Bob jumps up onto the kitchen counter.



You know what happened the last time Vaugn got involved with the LaBouffe’s?


Panel 2. Emily smiles and continues packing.



He blew up the warehouse district of The Straights! BOOM!



PAGE TWENTY-TWO (seven panels)


Panel 1. Naomi and Alex are walking along a quiet, country side-street heading towards a small French town. Naomi is dialling a number on her phone.


I still can’t believe we got thrown off the Euro-Star. I didn’t even do anything!



You punched the ticket officer in the balls.


Panel 2. Naomi lifts her phone to her ear.



This is really going to hurt us, time wise.



You’re the one who melted the Immortal’s face in public!


Panel 3. Naomi spins round to face Alex.



I’m not blaming yo- Michael.


Panel 4. Michael is sitting in Hyde Park with Alberto and Viktoria.


Naomi? You can’t be there already. What’s wrong?



You were right about the Immortals. One came after Alex and me.


Panel 5. Michael gets up off the bench and starts pacing.



Are you ok?



We’re fine, but we got thrown off the train in the middle of no-where. How’s it going your end?


Panel 6. Michael looks over at Alberto and Viktoria who look very tired.



We’re all very tired. But we’re supposed to be meeting a contact from the Government in five minutes. They’ve revoked our political privileges after Jonan’s…


Panel 7. There is a sudden flash in the sky that illuminates everything as brightly as the sun.



PAGE TWENTY-THREE(five panels)


Panel 1. BOB is walking with LUCIFER through the ruins of London. Rags tie them together.


Panel 1 fades into the right side of Panel 3.


Panel 2. A fat, balding man (ANDRÉ) is dead in his chair at a desk. A pair of scissors are embedded in his chest; they're holding a badly written note to his chest, it reads; "He did it".


Panel 3. Refugees are fleeing through the countryside towards Siberia. There is no sign of civilisation and behind the train of refugees are a couple of dead bodies.


Panel 3 fades into the right side of Panel 4.


Panel 4. LOKI is standing on an old stone bridge looking down on BOB and LUCIFER as they pass under.


Panel 4 fades into the left side of Panel 5.


Panel 5. Riots in Berlin. Flaming bottles, bricks, chairs etc… are being thrown. People are dying; police are dying. Chaos is everywhere.


PAGE TWENTY-FOUR (six panels)


Panel 1. The dead rising from the grave.


Panel 2. An old woman is screaming and slamming herself into the side of Notre Dame cathedral, a crowd is watching. BOB and LUCIFER are among the crowd.


Panel 3. French troops are standing in front of their General. Banners showing the flag and General. Tanks, helicopters and infantry vehicles are prepared for war.


Panel 4. BOB and LOKI are fighting.


Panel 5. LOKI returns to Heaven where millions and millions of souls are waiting to be judged and allowed in.


Panel 6. A newspaper has the front cover emblazoned with "France invades Germany".


PAGE TWENTY-FIVE (five panels)


Panel 1. Millions of Demons attack the Kingdom of Heaven. Angels are fighting them trying to stop the flood of evil. LOKI is in the middle of battle; his flaming sword is delivering carnage to the Demons surrounding him.


Panel 1 fades into the right side of Panel 2.


Panel 2. Heaven is burning, in ruins. Angels and Demons lay dead everywhere. LOKI and LUCIFER are standing in front of each other, a circle of Demons and Angels surround them.


Panel 3. The Four are looking out over New York. Famine is an ultra thin black 8 year-old boy, more like a skeleton badly covered by fake skin, it is wearing a dirty monk's cloak; Death looks like a true insomniac, blood-shot eyes, black bags under it's eyes and slightly over-weight; Pestilence is thin but well toned, it's skin acts more like a shell to house the insects and disease, they move the skin like a puppet; the anti-Christ is dressed in a casual suit with shoulder-length red hair pulled into a small pony-tail and with large jet black eyes.


Panel 4. BOB is curled up in a ball crying. He is totally alone.


Panel 5. Light and Darkness battle, it's like a liquid ying-yang.


PAGE TWENTY-SIX (four panels)


Panel 1. Someone's eyes are literally burning.





Panel 2. The panel is blood red.


Panel 3. Black.


Panel 4. An extreme close-up of Michael’s phone. It’s covered in dust and laying on it’s side.



Mike? What was that?! Michael?! MICHAEL!!