Still chasing that paper!

Hi there people,

I know it's been a while since I last posted anything on this site but I can promise you that I have been working hard on all of the projects in developement at this moment in time.

First up is the story of Father Time: There is now a completed short story "introduction" to the Father Time saga. It sets the tone nicely for the main story and I think it's quite an interesting take on the story-telling. Imagine the Bruce Banner storylines (where he's being hunted to be used as a weapon) mixed with an element of Y: The Last Man and a smattering on Philip K Dick.

Next I can tell you that I've got the six-issue story-arch of my Plastic Man story written now and the first issue is completed; work is now progressing on the second issue and I'm about to introduce the muscle villian (the brain villian has already been introduced in isssue 1). It's a Plastic Man story totally unlike anything you would have read or would associate with "The Man" but I can certify thatit is faithful to the history and heritage of the character that we know and love.

The story of Altered State is not developing into a very political, very action orientated story with a hint of Ex Machina about it crossed with X-Men. Nathan recently showed me some concept art for The Nephilim (robotic soldiers in one of the stories) and I can confirm that they are looking great; he's now working to get the looking a little more evil and then I'll post them ASAP.

Chimera is not at a finished script stage and artwork is due to be developed on it in the very near future. I'll say nothing more about it now but rest assured, there's gonna be some truely great work on display soon.

Finally Paperchaser. Well I recently spoke with one of my artists, Ayo Koku and he's informed me that he should have a the entire first issue by late August!!

Good god, it's all go in the Terraverse and I don't see an end in sight!

Well I just wanted to share the latest news with you all and I will keep you updated.