The Bristol Internation Comics Expo

Well Altered State 1 is finished and printed and there are a few people in the world who already have a copy...

On the 12th and 13th of May this year I ventured across to the other side of the country to Bristol for the Internation Comics Convention to drip-feed Altered State to a mass of ravernous.... well... geeks. AND I'M ONE OF THEM!

I was giving copies of Altered State to every publisher on show and I even managed to get Brian K Vaughan (Y: The Last Man and general genius of writing) and Shelly Bond (editor at Vertigo Comics and a goddess for bringing Fables to the masses) to take a copy each.

The show itself was a real eye-opener for me and it was drilled iinto me by everyone there that the only way to take this "hobby" to the next level is to make sure your work gets out there.

This is why I've been writing solidly since I exited the building; developing new stories, enhancing older ones and shooting the shit with my Altered State artist Nathan.

As yet we're not sure exactly what our next project is going to be... well I know which one I want to do but it depends if Nathan is ready and willing to do it yet.

But I promise that as soon as there is more to tell, I will let you know.

George Terran signing off... for now