Re: Kickstarter campaign for Volition

Hey guys and girls,

Just a quick note that the behind the scenes work on the Volition kickstarter campaign is nearing completion.

If you have any additional ideas that you'd like to see as part of the kickstarter, head on over to Fried Brain Productions Facebook group and leave a message.

I hope you're all staying amazing and being creative.

More news soon.

Ta muchly,

Plastic Man plotting and script-writing begins

Hey guys, Just a quick note to let you all know that after a hiatus of writing to deal with a number of personal and family issues, I am now back to what I love doing... writing! I have been writing this Plastic Man story in my head for the last 8 years and I have finally gotten round putting pen to paper. I only hope that I do the character and his heritage justice (League). You're already in the right place to keep up to date! I will share more as soon as possible.

The Chronos Project

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to introduce you to, "The Chronos Project". The Chronos Project is a brand new comic series by myself and, although still in its very early stages, I am excited about the project. Designed as a six-part mini-series designed for anyone 15+. It captures the scientist-on-the-run elements of the original Incredible Hulk TV series with the future sci-fi, time-travelling elements of Ryan Johnson's Looper movie. The art-style to be utilised for this mini-series will draw inspiration from the more frenetic manga Blade of the Immortal by Hiroaki Samura.

The Chronos Project

Well I have officially begun creating original artwork for my new comic project. Allow me to introduce you to.... The Chronos Project. The Chronos Project is a brand new comics/manga mini-series written and illustrated by me. It is set in the year 2244 and within the same universe as Volition, Chimera, Altered State and Amy Jones. So any of you who have read the synopsis for these other stories will know that... well... basically a lot of shit hit the fan and the world is certainly going to be a very changed place. The Chronos Project is my take on science-fiction and time-travel. It includes advanced science, robotics, Meta-humans, action, drama and a sprinkling of humour. I won't go into details of the story at this time. However, I will tell you that my launching point for this project was The Incredible Hulk TV series. The idea of a scientist on the run with technology that others want (and will take with force in necessary) greatly appealed to me. So the best teaser for The Chronos Project would be... The Incredible Hulk, only The Hulk is a time-travel device capable of wiping out the planet before it even began. I will update this blog with more information and artwork about The Chronos Project over the course of February. Stay tuned and stay creative! George

Artwork training for a new project

Ladies and Gentlemen, While Judit Tondora is off making amazing artwork for Cloud 9 Comix, I have decided that it is time for me to attempt to completely create my own comic series - scripts, artwork and all! To this end, I have been practicing illustration in the wonderful style of Hiroaki Samura (as seen in his excellent Manga series, "Blade of the Immortal"). It is my intention to create a sci-fi, future-set comic mini-series utilising this art-style as it visual base and build from there by merging it with my own artists style. I'm hoping that it will result in something visually stimulating and different. My goal is to have the first issue completed by the end of February 2014. So please enjoy the included test pages I have drawn from "Blade of the Immortal" and expect original artwork to be posted throughout February. Many thanks and please feel free to comment. Kind Regards, The Fried Brain

Volition Submission Package - SPOILER WARNING!

This page is designed for prospective editors, publishers and industry representatives.

If you DO NOT wish to learn story details for forthcoming issues of "Man of God", PLEASE DO NOT READ!

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Man of God's inception...

One day I was trying to come up with ideas for a short film. I was looking for something that was not typical. I was having no luck.

It took Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back for me to get the idea.
"It is your destiny!' ... "I'll never join you!"

What if there was someone who was outside the laws of destiny, outside "Gods plan"? What kind of power would this person have? What kind of life?

It then exploded in my head and I knew that I wasn't going to be able to tell this story in 15 minutes.
By the end of the week I had written the basic outline for the series that is now in development and I have designed it as a TV series with about 66 episodes of about an hour long each. Five years later and the basic story hasn't actually changed that much. The medium has changed and I have learned a great deal of new things about my characters but each evolution and edit has been wholly natural and fluid.

This natural evolution will be seen by readers in how there are 'spin-off' stories for many of the characters.

The Fried Brain Productions motto is, after all, "Everyone has a story to tell"


Here are some early character sketches for two of the lead characters; Lucifer and James Huntley.


Additional artist added

Some great news for all you lovely people wanting to hear about the forthcoming Volition Comic Kickstarter campaign!

You will be able to get some awesome character artwork produced exclusively for Kickstarter pledgers.
It will be a combination of the amazing character designs from Judit Tondora (marvel at her other artwork via
with original, character-inspired artwork from the newest addition to the Volition production family, Alexandra Lederman.

I heartily endorse a visit to her website to check out her work!

More updates as they come!

Colourist wanted for Volition Kickstarter campaign

Hey there guys and girls,

I'm still on the lookout for a quality colourist for the Volition comic series.

If you know of anyone who might be interested, please pass on my contact details.

You can register your interest in working on the comic series in so many places!
Twitter: #volitioncomic
Instagram: #volitioncomic
Facebook: Fried Brain Productions

Looking forward to hearing from you!

New developments

Hey there guys and girls,

Just thought I'd give you all a little update on what's happening in the world of Volition.

Firstly, I have been continuing to work on the scripts for the main story as well as one of the larger side-stories... A Tale of Two Sisters. 
The scripts are coming on really well and I'm really quite eased with how they are developing.

I've also been writing random scenes for later issues. Let me just say that one of the, involves the character NEOMI CARTWRIGHT doing a very good rendition of the chase scene in Tangiers from The Bourne Ultimatum... Off the back of a giant animal unknown only as THE GREAT BEAST.
It's epic stuff and I can't wait to show you some early design work on the sequence.

Pre-production on the Kickstarter campaign is coming on well and I am trying to finalise the colourist, and front cover artist. Once these pieces of the puzzle are in place, expect to see a relatively quick launch of the Kickstarter campaign.
Also, please let me know what kind of pledge rewards you would like to see as part of this Kickstarter.
You can register your suggestions either on...
Fried Brain Productions Facebook page
or by...
Twitter using the hashtag #volitioncomic.

I look forward to hearing your ideas.

For now I leave you with a quote from the Original Bastard...

"Why are people always so shocked when I do something evil? Seriously, I don't get it!"

Why not?

Well with a slew of Twitter updates I thought I should welcome you to follow me on Facebook and Twitter. There are going to be competitions in the future as well as further announcements so please, please, please consider following these feeds.
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George Terran

Volition coming to the Hashtag nation!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with mild fear, chattering jaw and boundless optimism that I announce for advent of #volitioncomic for twitter

As soon as I'm clear that I'm setting everything up right you will soon be able to follow us on twitter for more instant updates, competitions and other such things as we progress.

Until then, for all your Volition Comic details, please feel free to join the Fried Brain Productions group on Facebook.

Mobile blogging! Finally

So I've finally accepted this whole There is now going to be a far better chance of regular updates!

Expect script snippets, lesser-spotted George Terran doodles - this will give you an even greater appreciation of Judit Tondora's work because she translates my scripts and doodles to the amazing artwork seen in Volition.

So from now on, information will flow far more prolifically.