Episode 57: The Long Kiss Goodnight

00:00:00 - 00:30:32

Introduction and the usual rigmarole, plus our viewing habits.

George has been watching Gotham Season 2 which has been improving as well as playing more Battleborn.

Travis watched Now You See Me 2 (with a deviation into the first movie), he watched Truth (a disappointing, long and arduous movie which squanders its talented cast. He has also been playing Overwatch but sadly the beta issues of "same-house" gaming persist.

Both fine gentlemen watched The Nice Guys which they both really enjoyed.


00:30:33 - 00:54:20

Our Terrible Movie Challenge continues with the Lindsey Lohan mess, I Know Who Killed Me. Meanwhile we decide to have a diversion into Irvin Welsh territory.

Then because he messed up on the Fantasy Movie League, George has to watch the FIFA movie debacle, United Passions for next week's show.


00:54:21 - 01:11:18

Topic of Discussion this week is about the potential for movie/TV experiences we would want in VR. Some of the highlights include:

* Ghostbusters VR

* Aliens: Colonial Marines VR

* Fast and Furious Kart VR

* Indiana Jones VR


Warning 01:08:00 to 01:09:00 is sensitive and listener discretion is advised.


01:11:19 - 01:30:01

Our penultimate Shane Black movie is The Long Kiss Goodnight. A wonderful action movie with stella performances from Gena Davies and Samuel L Jackson.

We are going to finish the Black Season with the under-appreciated movie, The Last Boy Scout.