Episode 59: Sticking The Boot In

G&T Podcast Notes
Episode Number - 059 - Sticking The Boots In
Record Date: 27-06-16
Patreon Air Date: 04-07-16
iTunes Air Date: 11-07-16
Intro: imecode: 00:00:00 - 00:26:37
We briefly discuss the weather (as any good English Gent should) and the language of emoji’s.

Travis’ Viewing Habits
1) Independence Day: Resurgence
2) Revisiting Skyrim
3) Shameless promotion of King For A Day; Travis’ new podcast
4) Carrie (the original)

George’s Viewing Habits.
After a long and tiresome week, George only had time enough to watch a single movie. But what a movie… Amelie.

Terrible Movie Challenge: Epic Movie: Timecode: 00:26:38 - 00:38:58
This Week’s Review: To review this movie, all you have to do is copy and paste George’s thoughts from Meet The Spartans and Disaster Movie. It’s all terrible.
He has also sworn that if he somehow draws another of these god-awful movies to watch, that instead he will watch two terrible movies instead.
FML Results: This week’s loser was Travis
This week’s movie is another in a long line of animated animal in real world stories… Marmaduke.

Sticking The Boots In: imecode: 01:07:45 - 01:30:39
A new segment in our show where we break down our disapproval of two articles…
First up: Australian Comic Con
Second: Fall Out Boy’s Ghostbusters Theme.