Episode 36 Part 2: An Ed-ucation on Chimps

And we're back for another episode! This week we are trying something a little different. We are going to release the show in two parts and see how you all like that.
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Lastly, we are starting the process of developing a little but of merchandising for G&T Podcast. As keen listeners of the show will know, Travis' favourite line is "Smell of an oily rag". Well we are turning this into a tee shirt!

eview of Kiki's Delivery Service http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0097814/?ref_=nv_sr_2

A sweet, gentle start to our new season. 

George and Travis’ Top Five Sports Films.

1)  Chariots of Fire
2) Karate Kid
3) Caddyshack
4) Rocky
5) Space Jam

Also Happy Gilmore and The Firm (Gary Oldman)

1)  Underdog
2) Murderball
3) Rocky
4) The Wrestler
5) The Club

Also Escape to Victory