Armchair Producers

Episode 012 - The Greatest Actors of All Time

Episode 012 - The Greatest Actors of All Time

00:00:00 - Pre-show warm-up stuff - 00:02:58

00:02:59 - Intro and Housekeeping --> Greetings --> --> - 00:11:22

00:11:23 - What We've Been Watching --> Manhunt: Unibomber 00:17:50 --> Star Trek Discovery and Tarantino Trek 00:28:14 --> The Post 00:37:13 --> Hail, Caesar! 00:43:41 --> Godzilla (Netflix Anime) 00:48:45 --> Black Mirror San Junipero 00:57:20

00:57:21 - Deep Dive Topic: The Greatest Actors of All Time --> Russell Crowe --> Glenn Close --> Meryl Streep --> Tilda Swinton --> Robert De Niro --> Al Pacino --> Dustin Hoffman --> Robin Williams 01:34:54

01:34:55 - Discussing Run The Jewels 3, Prepping for Fever Ray's Plunge and introducing the forthcoming Patreon Exclusive show Armchair Flops.

Episode 010 - Delayed

Hey folks,
Sorry that we've not been able to record and upload the latest episode of Armchair Produces for you yet.

Life intervenes from time to time... that and I've been terrible at remembering to organize a recording sessions with The Man, The Myth and the Legend, Travis Croft.

Nevertheless we will be recording prior to Christmas and we will have a huge breakdown of our thoughts on what appears to be possibly the move polarizing Star Wars movies of all time.

Episode 009 - Murder on the Orient Express and Tarantino Trek!

Whilst waiting for this episode to upload, I found an 8-week old male kitten that had been hit by a car. The poor cat was (and still is at the time of writing) alive but had 4 broken legs and a suspected broken back.

If you like Armchair Producers or just want to be a good person, please consider donating some more to a charity in honor of Charles - I named the cat Charles. If he survives and needs help moving around, naming him after one of the strongest Mutants in the world would be cool.

Thank you.